CFW Customs

CFW Customs was founded in September of 2020 by Corey Wike. Corey has been in the auto body repair business for over 25 years working and running shops for others. Corey started CFW Customs by renting a small shop with only one bay. The business was doing fairly well at this location but about 3 months later, Corey learned of a larger body shop that had become available for sale.The new shop has 4 bays and a paint booth allowing the business to grow exponentially. Corey knew he had always wanted to own his own body shop, so he jumped at the opportunity. He knew it was a sign for him to dive head first into this and make his dreams of owning his body shop a reality. 

What People Think

“You won’t find a better body shop in this area than CFW Customs. My daughter had her first accident and they took the car in and had it fixed for her in half the time that we expected. They handled all of the insurance details and kept in contact with me through the entire process. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else, these people know what they are doing. Thanks CFW”

Happy Customer